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Dear reader,

This site deals with all aspects of the enduro motorsport in the Netherlands. We also report about the activities of Dutch riders abroad, mainly some Belgian and German events.
Next to that we write here about Dutch riders in the European and World Championship and – our yearly big item – the ISDE with on average 15 to 25 Dutch riders.
Therefore this site is written in Dutch; international news can be found everywhere on the web in all languages.

If you are interested in participating in Dutch ONK (national championship) enduro events, you can find the dates in the left-side menu under “kalender”.
All these events are “open” events for holders of an international licence. You can register for any of them by sending an entry form to our federation KNMV. At the latest one week before the race date. The procedure (in English) and subscription forms for holders of an internationial license or a euro-license can be found HERE.

Dutch enduros are all one-day events with up to 6 hours riding time and usually three or four laps making a total of 200 kms or more. You can impound your bike in the early morning. The final event “Kampioensrit” is allways a two-day event (friday and saturday); you then have to impound on thursday.
All events have space for motorhomes; camping facilities and other lodging is allways nearby.
The calendar also shows dates for “Offroad-events”; these are non-competition rides with laps of about 40 kms. Usually you are allowed to ride as many laps as you like.
Our regulations are almost equal to the Sixdays regulations, but here are some remarks:
1. You have to place your bike in the parc-fermé AT THE LATEST 45 minutes before your starting time!! For the two-days final event, technical checks are done on thursday; racing is on friday and saturday. For oneday events, impounding is starting at 07.00 hours on raceday.
2. Bring your official (big) numberplate (the one on the rear mudguard)
3. We use the orange Mylaps (AMB-MX) transponder
4. You enter the parc-fermé with your startcard and to leave the parc-fermé on route to the start podium, you need to show your bike-papers. You can hand them over to your helper before you climb the start podium.
5. Although it is a timecard enduro we do not use physical timecards. It is done with the transponder. At the time check you will see a digital satellite clock at the yellow flag that shows the valid time. Stop before the yellow flag until your minute has begun. Then drive on slowly and the transponder loop will register your passing.
6. Upon impounding you get a barcode sticker; it is placed on the steering stem. This will be scanned at route checks (blue flag).
7. The time allowance is 30 minutes. This will hardly ever be a problem since our routes use open roads too, meaning the connection speeds are moderate.
8. The special tests have a starting device (red light – green light). Upon green you have max 15 seconds to go.

Of course you are welcome to mail me any questions you might have and I will be glad to respond.

Henk van der Spek.