GP Radio SuomiPop of Finland: Three titles at stake!

Only a week after the Grand Prix Husaberg of Sweden, the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship takes the direction of Finland and more precisely in Heinola for the 7th and penultimate race of the season.
Seven years later! After Riihimäki in 2009 and the ISDE last year, Finland found back the EWC on his land and Suomen Moottoriliitto ry (SML) has decided, with the approval of the Federation International of Motorcycling (FIM), to give the honor to host this step to Heinolan Moottorikerho ry, seven years after its first organization on the EWC. Indeed, this Moto Club, chaired by Ville VALVE, is not at its first organization of a EWC Grand Prix in Finland has they organized a step inHeinola in 2005. This club is very experienced as it is also the origin of multiple rounds of Motocross World Championship (1992, 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2008).

The Heinola Moottorikerhory drew a 55 km track that racers must make 4 times during the two days of racing with two time check at every turn. The paddock is situated in the center of Heinola. The Xtreme Test should be 3 minutes length, the Enduro Test (11 minutes) and the KTM Super Test on Friday evening will be held at Motocross Stadium. The Cross Test (6 minutes) will be located in Lusiin. Note that as in Karlsborg, the terrain is very sandy.

Heinola, which was founded in 1776, is located in the region of Päijät-Häme. The city covers an area of 835.9 kms2 with 20,735 inhabitants, is situated on a moraine between the lakes Ruotsalainen and Konnivesi and near the starting point of the river Kymijoki. Town surrounded by many municipalities, it is also the border with Kymenlaakso and South SavoniHeinola is internationally known for being the host city of the World Championships of sauna resistance which takes place every summer since 1998! This city of the Southern-center of Finland is located 140 kilometers north of the capital,Helsinki.

MEO for a third title in a row?

The context is simple in Enduro 1. With 46 points ahead of his teammate Eero REMES (SF – KTM)Antoine MEO (FRA – KTM) must win one of the two days and then secure a place in the Top 5 to become a third time in a row World Champion. No doubt that this title of World Champion in the land of his friendMika AHOLA is very close to his heart but the task is not that easy. Indeed, the French will face REMES, and Matti SEISTOLA (FIN – HVA), both revenge on their own land. It will also depend on Thomas OLDRATI (I – KTM) who made a great Swedish step and has the means to target the final podium while Rodrig THAIN (F – HM Honda) must at all costs to redress the balance. We will have also to take care to the official Sherco Fabien PLANET (F – Sherco) in full form at the moment and will be boosted by his Swedish successful resul ts but also Antti HELLSTEN (SF – TM) will have at heart to do well in his countries.

In the Enduro 2 class, this is another partition that is being played. Indeed, Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F – Husaberg) has resumed the leadership and has 5 points ahead of Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP – KTM) and 14 on the Finnish machine Juha SALMINEN (HVA). The intensity and suspense should be at their peak. The official HVA has an important advantage as he is the local of the event. For his part, Cristobal GUERRERO, in trouble on the shores of Vattern Lake, will have to recover quickly if he doesn’t want to see his title chances dwindle while Pierre-Alexandre RENET must be looking to lock his two pursuers. Do not forget Ivan CERVANTES (E – Gas Gas) and Johnny AUBERT (F – KTM), who, even if they have nothing to play they might act as referees of luxury in this fight for the title. Finally, the Italian Alex SALVINI (I – HVA) for its part should work for his leader Juha SALMINEN.

NAMBOTIN the first day?

A second ring could be awarded in Finland in the Enduro 3 class. To succeed to Mika AHOLA, calculations are even simpler than in Enduro 1. With 65 points ahead, Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) must provide at least a podium on Saturday. Knowing the will of the French, no doubt he will seek only one thing: the victory. But a trio with long teeth will look to avoid it: Joakim LJUNGGREN (S – Husaberg) Aigar LEOK (EST – TM) and David KNIGHT (GB – KTM). The official TM, full of confidence after his two beautiful second places last week serves as a serious candidate to counter the KTM rider butLJUNGGREN is not so far and foremost seek to consolidate its second position in the standing. After a difficult GP of Sweden, David KNIGHT wants reassurance and remains the only driver who was able to bring down NAMBOTIN this season. Do not forget Marko TARKKALA (SF – Beta), also “at home” and who intends to sign his first podium of the year, Manuel MONNI (I – KTM) wrote a very good Grand Prix in Sweden and Oriol MENA (E – Husaberg) that targets a place in the final Top 5.

Finally, in Enduro Junior, the redhead Mathias BELLINO (F – Husaberg)seeks again the perfect weekend to be titled as early as Sunday. Impressive in Karlsborg, it lacks more than a few points for the Grail belongs to him. But Jonathan MANZI (I – KTM) who is the only one taking victories to Husaberg rider will not give up and throw all his forces to avoid BELLINO to be titrated from this weekend. The pack of young wolves led by Danny MCCANNEY (GB – Gas Gas)Kevin BENAVIDES (ARG – KTM)Edoardo D’AMBROSIO (I – KTM)Rudy MORONI (I – KTM) and Victor GUERRERO (ESP – KTM) could have their words to say. In FIM Youth Cup 125cc, Giacomo REDONDI (I – KTM), already titled, see k to calibrate against the junior racers. For his part,Matteo BRESOLIN (I – Husaberg) wants to ensure the second place in the standings.

With all the contexts that surround the Grand Prix Radio SuomiPop of Finland, no doubt that this second Scandinavian step should be a vintage where many feel should be mixed. Pilots should know pressure, suspense but also outstanding joy. A tribute will also be made to Mika AHOLA. See you on September 1st and 2nd in Heinola for the seventh and penultimate Grand Prix of the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship where a strong public number is expected.


–    Heinola (Region of Päijät-Häme);
–    140 kilometers North from Helsinki;
–    Friday 31st of August: KTM Super Test: 19.00
–    Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of September: Start: 9.00 and Finnish at 16.00;
–    Organisation: Heinola Moottorikerho ry;
–    Websites: and;
–    Track: 55kms – 4 laps;
–    Free Access;
–    Airport: Helsinki (140 kms)