Preview Grand Prix Maxxis of Argentina

Matti SEISTOLA (SF - HVA) will look to stop Antoine MEO (F - KTM) in E1 classBack in San Juan…
Only few days after the GP of Chile, the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship is back in Argentina now, as it was in 2012, and still in San Juan, after crossing the Cordillera of Andes on 4000 meters and a travel of 800 kilometers… with many emotions.

As last year, the FIM gave its confidence to MasEventos and the Confederacion Argentina de Motociclismo Deportivo (CAMOD) the organization of this event. This three-headed organization, directed by David ELI from Mas Eventos is in association with the passionate of Enduro in San Juan gathered in the “Asociacon San Juanina de Enduro y Rescate” chaired by Alfredo VARGASand helped by important local people Raul MENEGAZO.

San Juan is situated in the San Juan province and in Capitale department, in Tulum valley in the west of the San Juan river. This nice town on the foot of the Cordillera of Andes and nicknamed the “Stars of Andes” has more than 120 000 inhabitants and has numerous touristic places as the like the Santo Domingo convent, the Juan Victoria Auditorium (one of the most important in the world), its baths… San Juan is only 175 kilometers South to Mendoza and to 1111 kilometers from the Argentinian capital: Buenos Aires. Just like Talca (Chile), San Juan is a wine growing region… Ullum, only 20kms on the North of San Juan < /strong>there is a local oasis; next to the desert, thanks to its nice lake. And it is in Ullum that every special tests are gathered for this Grand Prix Maxxis of Argentina.

A new track…

Indeed, ASER, the local club, has drawn a different track from 2012. This one will make 50 kilometers and will cross theUllum’s lake and barrage in a wonderful lunar landscape. The rider will have to cover it 4 times during the two race days with 7 hours on the bike across 200 kilometers arid and desert. The Paddock will be situated as last year in the Predio Ferial, in the center of San Juan, where will take place the KTM Super Test on Friday night (18.00). We are waiting for 12000 aficionados while the cameras of Argentinean National TV will broadcast the event in live! Gio SALA (FIM Race Inspector) and Ariel NAVARRO, local rider, will present us the track. The Enduro Test, situated in “El Pinar”, on the foot of the barrage of Ullum is totally new: “The Enduro Test will be more complicated than in 2012…” explain us the five times World Champion “Indeed, it is more difficult and demanding with top and downhill very technical. Moreover, it will be very tricky with the dust and the different stones. The race can be played here on those 6 kilometers of test!” The Cross testis localized in Ullum in the same place than last year, a training track for local ASER riders. “It’s a very fluid and fast special test with jump combos. His length of 3 kilometers will not help to make big gap.” New one this year, the Xtreme Test is situated in “El Castillo” on the other side of Ullum barrage… “It is more spectacular and technical than last year on its 2.5 kms. Public and riders must love it with his landscape et and its natural difficulties.

The E2 Big Five…

In Enduro 2, the race for the first place seems to be once again exciting. Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F – Husaberg) and Alex SALVINI (I – HM Honda), winners in Chile, will look to do it again while Ivan CERVANTES (E – KTM) and Johnny AUBERT (F – KTM) will try to clinch their first victory just like David KNIGHT (GB – Honda) who has confirmed an impressive speed! Behind this Top 5, it will be very difficult to the outsiders as MENA (E – Husaberg), V.GUERRERO (E – KTM)BALLETTI (I – KTM) orSANTOLINO (E – HVA) and BASSET (F – Yam) to look better than the 6th rank… And the numerous Argentinian spectators await in the special test will have to shout for their best national riders, Kevin BENAVIDES (KTM) and Franco CAIMI (KTM), not so far from the Top 10!

And if Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) is not so untouchable than we were thinking? The victory of Joakim LJUNGGREN (S – Husaberg) on Saturday in the Enduro 3 class has maybe open a breach in the “wall” of the French who won on Sunday… but not with his insolent speed he showed in 2012! Best Gas Gas rider, Rodrig THAIN (F)seems to be the 3rd one on the fight for the win with a vindictive Aigar LEOK (EST – TM) after his difficulties in Chile. Manuel MONNI (I – KTM) and Luis CORREIA (P – Beta) have shown great potential in Talca just like Fabien PLANET (F – Sherco) andMarcus KEHR (D – KTM). However it will be difficult for them to reach the podium…

After victorious start in Chile on his KTM 250 EXC-F, Antoine MEO (F) will look to confirm his two nice places while trying to dominate a bit more the Enduro 1 class. But for sure, the two Husqvarna riders, Matti SEISTOLA (SF) and Juha SALMINEN (SF) will step up to contain the domination of the French, helped by Thomas OLDRATI (I – Husaberg) very tough in Talca. Loser of the GP of Chile due to his shoulder injury on the 2nd day, the other KTM rider Cristobal GUERRERO (E) has to forget this South American tour and maybe the 2013 title. On their side, the Frenchies Jérémy JOLY (Honda) and DEPARROIS (Yam) will try to confirm their excellent first race day while Eero REMES (SF – TM) despite a lucky podium on day 2, will have to step up if he wants to keep his outsiders status.

Who can beat REDONDI?

Author of an impressive double last weekend, the promising Giacomo REDONDI (I – KTM Iron Racing) has impressed in Juniors and as also avoid the problems! But this category seems to be really open with more than ten riders able to win as KVARSTROM (S – Beta)PHILLIPS (AUS – HVA)LARRIEU (F – Husaberg)MANZI (I – KTM)D’AMBROSIO (I – Yam)MORONI (I – KTM), OLIVEIRA (P – Yam)MCCANNEY (GB – Gas Gas), ROMAN (E – Husaberg), MORI (I – Beta), EDLUND (S – Husaberg)HARPER (AUS – Honda)… The Junior will be intense this season!

The FIM Youth Cup 125cc and his leader Benjamin HERRERA (CL – TM) will complete the program and the 110 entries (numerous Brazilian riders) waited this weekend for the 2nd round of the season!

This Grand Prix Maxxis of Argentina is really awaited and local aficionados are ready to shout in San Juan that will be for few days the temple of the World Enduro!


–    San Juan (San Juan Province) ;
–    175 kms from Mendoza and 1111 kms from Buenos Aires ;
–    Friday 22nd March : KTM Super Test from 18.00
–    Saturday 23rd March and Sunday 24 March : Start 9.00 – Finish at 16h00 ;
–    Organizers : + eventosAser Camod
–    Website : and ;
–    Track : 50kms – 4 laps ;
–    Free Access ;
–    Airport : Mendoza (175 kms)