www.FIM-Enduro-European-Championship.com – 1st day in Croatia

The defending champion Maurizio Micheluz won the first day at the second round of the Enduro Championship in Buzet (Croatia).
Then Tom Sagar, who fought in second place more with the power of his KTM 450, as with the competition: “In the narrow routes it is very hard to get close to the small machines with the big bike,” said the Briton satisfied after the competition. Ranked third overall all classes then one of the “small” machine: The Swiss Jonathan Rosse not only took second place in the E1 class, but with his 250cc four-stroke Yamaha also took third place in the overall standings.

This is also the class victory of the E1 class on the Italian Micheluz on the Husqvarna in front of Rosse and the Frenchman Benoit Fortunato.

In the E2 class the British pilot Tom Sagar wins ahead of Italian Diego Nicoletto. This received the second place after the Este Rannar Uusna fell back after two rounds: “I still have pain in the shoulder, but it is slowly getting better. Last time it was in the first round, now in the last two special stages,” was the comment from Uusna.

In the E3 class of the largest and most powerful motorcycles Slovakia’s Radek Toman put a clear round way: He was a long time in second place, but the leader Mark Risse from Germany crashed out on the penultimate special stage and still had a small lead. But then the beta driver became nervous and lost the victory in the very last special stage at Toman with less than one second behind.

The victory at the veterans-class went again to the eight-time European champion Werner Müller from Austria: Right in the very first lap he extended his lead and won the match with two and a half minutes ahead of Czech Martin Gottvald and the Finn Juha Puotsaari. In the overall ranking of all classes with a total of 201 participants the 47-year-old took the 25th place.

The victory in the women’s, as in Italy, was to the Finnish Sanna Karkkainen before the Italian Cristina Marrocco and the Swede Hanna Berzelius.

In the class of the youngest riders, up to 20 years, the Italian Lorenzo Macoritto on the KTM took the victory in front the British Lee Sealy and the Italians Mirko Spandere.

Three rounds, each 60 km, were to cover in the hills around Buzet with two special stages. Many tricky passages in the dense forests, many stony and wet riverbeds took their toll on the riders. They were unanimously of the opinion that not only the ambience of rühigen association locally, but also demanding route and elaborate special tests are absolutely worthy of a European Championship.

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