EWC finale Frankrijk Dag 2: Magnificent Sanz Is Crowned Champion At St Flour

Een zwaar aangepast schema op dag 2 in Frankrijk na de vele regen. Slechts één crosstest en een stuk route bleven er over. Dat werd vier keer gereden.
Spain’s Laia SANZ (Honda) is crowned the final enduro world champion of the year as the 2013 Maxxis Enduro World Championship draws to a close in St Flour, France. Ending her day second overall in the Women’s Cup, SANZ successfully defended her world title.  “To win two enduro world titles is an amazing feeling,” admitted SANZ. “It’s been an eventful season. Missing one day of the championship and then suffering some problems yesterday has made things tough. But I’m glad I could win the title. It’s been a brilliant end to the year for me.

After the weather disruption of day one, day two in St Flour saw a revised race schedule. Working hard overnight, event organisers rerouted many parts of the course to allow racing to continue. Using just the Cross Test and one liaison section that would be ridden four times, the competitors of the EWC enjoyed an unusually easier end to their 2013 season.

Determined to make amends for his disappointing end to day one, France’s Jeremy TARROUX (Sherco) claimed the Enduro 1 class victory on day two. Holding off Finland’s Eero REMES (TM) by just two tenths of a second, the Frenchman secured the win. “I was disappointed with how day one turned out,” explained TARROUX. “I led most of the day but two mistakes cost me a chance of victory. Today I felt like I had a point to prove. I’m so happy to get the win.” Despite winning two of the day’s four special tests, it was a costly mistake on the second test that ultimately cost REMES his chance of victory. Ending his year on a high, France’s Marc BOURGEOIS (Yamaha) beat Antoine MEO (F – KTM) by five tenths of a second to finish third. Ending his day just over two seconds shy of victory,MEO was unable to claim a double win in France and had to settle for fourth. Sherco’s Anthony BOISSIERE (F) completed the top five.

Ensuring a perfect end to a perfect season, Italy’s Alex SALVINI (Honda) took the final Enduro 2class win. Placing second to France’s Johnny AUBERT (KTM) during the first two laps, the newly crowned champion upped his pace to overhaul his French rival and claim the win. “It’s been a perfect end to a perfect season,” told SALVINI. “Entering France my focus was on the title but to end the weekend with two victories is more that I could have asked for. Today I felt relaxed and rode without mistakes.” Relishing in the drying conditions, AUBERT set the pace during the opening two laps. But with SALVINI upping his speed, the KTM rider was unable to respond to the attack and slipped back to second. With the third fastest time on all four special tests, France’s Pela RENET (Husaberg) secured the final step of the podium with third. Capping off his year with the best result of his season, Manxman David KNIGHT (Honda) placed fourth with Spain’s Ivan CERVANTES (KTM) rounding out the top five.

Recording his debut Senior class win France’s Mathias BELLINO (Husaberg) emerged as a new winner of the Enduro 3 class. With early leader Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) crashing out of the race on the third Cross Test, BELLINO quickly took control of the lead to secure his first E3 win.  “I was frustrated with how day one ended,” confirmed BELLINO. “I was riding great but then when it started to rain I made a lot of mistakes and it all ended badly. Today I rode well. After my injuries during the beginning of the season I’m so happy to reward my team’s faith in me with a victory – it’s a fantastic result.” Fairing better in the drying conditions, Estonia’s Aigar LEOK (TM) greatly improved on his day one result of seventh to finish as runner-up to BELLINO. Setting the fastest time on the third special test, Portugal’s Luis CORREIA (Beta) was third. Sweden’s Joakim LJUNGGREN (Husaberg) just missed out on a podium result and ended his day in fourth with France’s Fabien PLANET (Sherco) rounding out the top five.
Earning his second win of the season, France’s Loic LARRIEU (Husaberg) topped the Enduro Junior category. Benefitting from a one-minute penalty by Australia’s Matt PHILLIPS (Husqvarna),LARRIEU took a surprising win. Immediately establishing himself as a frontrunner for the 2014 season, current 125 Youth Cup world champion Jamie MCCANNEY (Husaberg) placed as runner-up to LARRIEU. Joining his brother on the podium, day one winner, Danny MCCANNEY (Gas Gas)was third. Delivering an impressive result, Italy’s Gianluca MARTINI (Beta) was fourth. Incurring a time penalty, PHILLIPS dropped back to fifth. Securing victory in the highly competitive Enduro Youth Cup class, France’s Jeremy MIROIR (Yamaha) delivered a home win. Italy’s Michele MARCHELLI (Husaberg) chased MIRIOR home for second position while France’s Mika BARNES (KTM) ended his day in third.

In the Women’s Cup it was Britain’s Jane DANIELS (Husaberg) that took her second win of the weekend. Beating rival Laia SANZ (Honda) by almost 50 seconds on the opening test, the young Brit ended day two in St Flour on the top step of the podium. Unable to match the pace set byDANIELSSANZ settled for the runner-up result and with it was crowned the 2013 Women’s Enduro World Champion. France’s Juliette BERREZ (Yamaha) completed the top three.