FIM Enduro World Championship: Creation of a new premier class for 2016

The FIM and the promoter of the FIM Enduro World Championship ABC Communication, after having consulted with the manufacturers have decided to create the EnduroGP category starting from next year.
The creation of this new premier class aims to simplify and revitalise the image of Enduro with both the public and the media. This decision will be submitted for approval at the 2015 FIM General Assembly. It will also offer contenders in E1, E2, E3 and the Junior categories an improved chance of capturing a World Championship title in one of these remaining classes. The introduction of the EnduroGP class will bring together all of the discipline’s elite riders to fight for one title.
•    The EnduroGP category will consist of up to 16 riders
•    FIM EnduroGP World Champion and the associated manufacturers titles will be awarded at the end of the season
•    E1, E2 or E3 motorcycles will be eligible to compete in the new EnduroGP class
•    Other FIM Enduro World Championship and Cup titles will be retained:
E1 – E2 – E3 – Juniors, Youth and Women’s

The selection process for riders eligible to participate in EnduroGP will be set out soon by the bureau of the FIM Enduro Commission (CEN).

The CEN and ABC Communication will also explore ways to reduce costs for the organisers to encourage their involvement and will soon publish a package to include the following services / support programme to assist with the same including:

•    Timing
•    Rider entry and administration management
•    Outside Europe transport costs for EnduroGP riders
•    A solidarity fund
•    Removal of accommodation costs
•    The possibility of organising a support race counting towards a national or continental championship etc..

The CEN hopes to attract the most professional organisers and to return on a regular basis to the best Enduro venues. A document detailing these new arrangements will be forwarded to the organisers in due course.

Finally the Commission will examine other racing formats during 2016; Extreme Enduro, Enduro Sprint, GNCC, etc…

2016 provisional calendars, 10 July 2015
MAXXIS FIM SuperEnduro World Championship:

Date Place Country FMNR Women Cup
05 December 2015 Lodz Poland PZM
02 January 2016 Riesa Germany DMSB
16 January 2016 Milan Italy FMI X
20 February 2016 Villa Gesell Argentina CAMOD
27 February 2016 Belo Horizonte Brazil CDM
12 March 2016 Prague Czech Republic DMSB (tbc)

MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship:

Date Place Country FMNR EGP E1 E2 E3 EJ EY EW
8-10 April Agadir Morocco FMS X X X X X X
15-17 April Gouveia Portugal FMP X X X X X X
10-12 June Heinola Finland SML X X X X X X X
17-19 June Enkooping Sweden SVEMO X X X X X X X
01-03 July Gordexola Spain RFME X X X X X X X
15-17 July Fabriano Italy FMI X X X X X X

FIM International Six Days’ Enduro:

Date Place Country FMNR
October 2016 TBA Spain RFME

The classes for the FIM Enduro World Championship are:

EnduroGP – From E1, E2 or E3
Enduro 1 – From 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke / From 175cc to 250cc 4-stroke
Enduro 2 – From 175cc to 250cc 2-stroke / From 290cc to 450cc 4-stroke
Enduro 3 – From 290cc to 500cc 2-stroke / From 475cc to 650cc 4-stroke
Enduro Junior – The riders must be aged less than 23 years at 1 January of the year of the Championship and holders of a valid driving licence.
Enduro Youth – From 100cc to 125cc, 2-stroke / The riders entering must be aged less than 20 years at 1 January of the year of the Championship and holders of a valid driving licence.