Rekord aantal deelnemers EK Italië

De UEM meldt een rekord van 235 deelnemers aan de eerste EK van 2012. Deze wordt op 26 en 27 mei verreden in Arsiè. Op de website van de organisator tel ik er 223. De 50 cc gaat daar ook van start. De 125-4takt klasse lijkt een zachte dood te zijn gestorven nu de UEM een junior onder 20 kampioenschap heeft, dat met 125 2-takten wordt verreden.

UEM: The organisers of the first round of the Enduro European Championship, scheduled on the 26th and 27th of May 2012 in Arsié (Italy), informed that until now they received the registration of 235 riders, among them only 50 coming from Italy.

The rest is coming from different European countries, also from countries that participate to the Championship for the first time (for example Croatia and Lithuania). This record number of registration to this championship is a further confirmation of the value, also under a promotional point of view, of this event. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that 71 riders belong to the Junior classes, which is a good sign for the future of this discipline. In Arsié will be held also the single round of the UEM Cup of the 50 cc class.