EK Tsjechië 1st day of the final round in Uhlirske Janovice / CZ

The overall of the first day at the fourth and last round of the Enduro European Championship (EEC) in Uhlirske Janovice/CZ was won by the british rider Steve Holcombe with more than one minute lead. With this victory he won also his Juniors-Class E1 and crowned himself to the next european-champion in this class!  He have had the advantage to go first into the special-test, which has been very slippery after the rain in the night. The riders become struggling more and more over the day.

But in the end all the champions in the single classes are crowned now: At the juniors with the E2/E3-motobikes won Pawel Szymkowski from Poland with his KTM his class and the title.In the class of 125cc-motobikes up to 20 years won the Brit Brad Freeman class and title!
Also the championship at the seniors classes were decided: The Italian Maurizio Micheluz defended his title in the E1-class als well as Tom Sagar from Britain in the E2. But both are still fighting for the overall-championship! Jacopo Cerutti from Italy won the title in the E3-class.In the veterans-class the Austrian Werner Müller took his eighth title!   Further informations, the live-timing and more pictures you can find on our website .