EK enduro Latvia day 1: another track – other champions

Jaromir_Romancik_CZ_KTMAt the third round of European Enduro-Championship (EEC) in Ogre, Latvia presenting a varied competition: And presenting at the and a different overall-winner of the day! KTM-rider Jaromir Romancik from Czech Republik was fastest rider of all, winning with 23 seconds in front.

Second of the day, the Italien Nicolas Pellegrinelli with this result could catch the leader-position championship. Former leader, Brad Freeman could not start after an shoulder-operation.

Third of the day was Junior Andreas Linusson from Sweden, who had good feelings in the sand.

Crosstest and first enduro-test have been sandy, partly very deep sandy, but the second enduro-test was with hard ground in a former quarry, full of stones. And at the end, with some rain, this test becomes very slippery.

This rains also opens some mudholes on the last stage, back to the paddock, where some bikers got stuck for a while.

On this terrain, even if it is not used to the Italiens, Suzuki-Rider Guido Conforti won the E1-class in front of Thierry Pittens from Netherlands, who is known as a specialist for sandy condition.

Jaromir Romancik does not only win the Overall, but the E2-class as well: Behind him the next sand-specialists, Tommy Sjöström and Ivo Steinberg from Sweden.

With only 1.1 second Maurizio Micheluz was beaten in the E3-class: Rannar Uusna from Estonia won the class with his KTM.

Jane Daniels from England won again the women-class with more than 1 minute lead in front of Marita Nyqvist from Finland, which had no problems with her small 125cc-Yamaha in the deep sand.

In absence from the reigning champion Werner Müller, Sebastian Krywolt won again the veterans-class

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